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Technology Provider

We are a technology provider to large corporate organisations and small businesses that require precise GNSS positioning information for their users

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Solution Provider

We offer highly sophisticated global solutions and services that allow our customers to integrate and brand with their own hardware and systems

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Business Provider

Improve your productivity and ROI by concentrating on your core business with our full GNSS cloud infrastructure support

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GNSS Positioning

Precise GNSS positioning is important to any application that requires a precise location in time and at any point on the earth. This can be any device or object that requires GNSS for location based services to tracking and positioning autonomous vehicles, which require high reliability and robust GNSS measurements in real time. Accuracy on demand can be dependent on the application, device, machine or vehicle and can range between 1 meter to 1 centimeter.

Nothing is too small or too big for us.

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Free SW

Our goal is to offer free software services as much as possible. Customers can use the base service free of charge and then add additional modules on a flexible payment plan.

SaaS & Modules

Our customers can choose the services according to their needs. We offer a scalable and modular approach for your business to grow it into the perfect cost-effective solution.

Unlimited monitoring

Monitoring is one of our main daily task and the schedule is 24/7, 365 days a year. Monitoring is everywhere and everything that is connected to the Internet of Things!

DEMO available

You can watch our videos, you can see our presentations, but best of all is to just try it out for yourself! There is nothing easier than to ask us for a free demo and evaluation or try one of our online free services.

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