Navmatix is happy to inform you about its new project Route planning.

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Navmatix is happy to inform you about its new project Route planning.

Field coverage

By respecting the vehicle parameters (size, turning radius), it allows you to get optimal route in three different modes:


Field coverage

Field coverage proposes a route for autonomous tractors, lawn movers, or drones to cover selected area. Set rows distance and their angle. Draw the field shape, define start and end position, and let the service do the magic. Algorithm returns trajectory in a second.


Path finding

Path finding is great in situation when moving rover from start to end point, while avoiding obstacles along the way. Select start point, end point, a fence in which rover must stay in and draw the obstacles. Algorithms finds a way to reach the end point.


Waypoint crossing

Waypoint crossing is useful when rover needs to visit multiple spots from a given angle. Place the start point, end point and other waypoints to the map. Algorithm finds a way through those points in the selected order.

Intuitive user interface will guide you through the following simple steps:

  1. Configure vehicle parameters (size, radius, offset of localization source and axis of rotation)
  2. Select mode
  3. Configure scenario and run it
  4. Output is a list. Each items defines direction and the position where the direction should be changed

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